Treviso Golf District

Treviso extends in the Veneto plain. The oldest traces of settlements date from the pre-Roman age; its being near to the main roads such as the Postumia and the river tracks made of Treviso already in the old times one of the most important trade centres of Northern Italy. The city’s golden age was in the XI century as a Comune; in this period it extended its domains adorning itself with palaces and monuments; it hosted many poets and troubadours and enlivened with chivalrous parties. Mentioned by Dante in the Divina Commedia, in XI and XII centuries it grew up with the building of of one of the first Italian universities (1321). With the end of the Comuni age, Treviso declined and until in 1339 it passed to the Venezia seignioiry, and there it remained until 1797, as Napoleon conquered it.
During the World Wars was Treviso heavily bombed.
Worth a visit are some of the most important monuments: the church of San Francesco, the Monte di Pietà, the Cappella dei Rettori, Loggia dei Cavalieri, Palazzo dei Trecento.

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